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Peptalk offers comprehensive communication and PR solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring impactful storytelling and effective brand elevation strategies.



Getting your message across

We offer expert copywriting support; crafting compelling content that aims to captivate readers’ interest. Whether it’s a blog, authored opinion articles, press commentary, award entries or customer testimonials, we are flexible to your needs. Trust us to convey your message effectively and elevate your brand’s narrative!

Award Entries

Get noticed and stand out

We love helping clients to achieve an award. We take time to research and manage the nomination process for all types of programmes.  We review the criteria and match the most appropriate initiatives that will celebrate your successes – whether that’s a product, service, customer implementation, employee or the business overall. Having been on judging panels, we craft entries that we believe will capture attention, and increase your chances of selection.


Crisis Management

Helping to navigate through a crisis

There are times when not everything goes to plan and support is required to manage potentially negative media exposure. We are experienced in reputational crisis management. With strategic planning and swift action, we aim to help safeguard your brand's integrity during challenging times, ensuring resilience and importantly maintaining trust with key stakeholders and the general public alike.

Social Media Support

The right message on the right channel

Social media forms a significant part of many organisation’s communications programmes. We offer a range of support services, from helping business leaders maintain their professional social profiles, to helping organisations update social media channels with their latest news and views to help foster engagement and drive meaningful interactions with your audiences.


Case Study 

Impartial endorsements though testimonials

There’s no better endorsement for your products or services than third-party testimonials. We craft case study programmes that are designed to demonstrate your ‘business benefits’ but via an independent, impartial voice. Using a storytelling approach, we explain how your solution has overcome clients’ challenges with the aim of drawing out the positive results. Case studies are a perfect sales tool.

Satisfaction Survey

Qualitative interviews to obtain active feedback

We offer a comprehensive customer survey call and reporting service. By conducting qualitative interviews as an impartial, independent voice, we capture genuine feedback. This helps you to identify areas for improvement and highlight your successes. With meaningful insights, we help you to make informed decisions, learn what’s working well or where improvements could be made, using genuine customer opinion and feedback.


Consumer Research

Commentate on current trends

We regularly use market or consumer research to identify current trends, which support the storytelling narrative for our clients.  Having access to unique statistics is an ideal way of demonstrating a current trend, market gap, or provide reasoning to a commercial objective. Working with a trusted network of survey providers, we shape data-led PR stories that are designed to capture media attention.

Media Training

Communicate your message with clarity and impact

When undertaking a PR programme, being able to communicate effectively and get your key messages over to the media is essential, not only to build or maintain a reputable brand but to generate the best coverage outcomes.  We work with a trusted network of journalist-led media trainers to provide a range of media training services to prepare you for interviews of all scales, from informal Teams calls, through to live camera scenarios in a broadcast studio.


Communication Strategy

Putting a plan in place

We work with our clients to define a communications strategy that considers where you are today, where you want to be, and defines the communications approach that should be taken to support your commercial objectives.  We craft tailored strategies, formulate your key messages and create a tactical plan that aims to amplify your brand, manage your reputation and elevate your voice in the market.

Media Relations

Understanding what the press wants

We know how the press works: what they want, how they want to receive it and when. Using this knowledge, we develop relevant news stories, industry commentary, and thought leadership-led campaigns to build your brand's visibility in media outlets that matter to you. Benefit from our expertise to secure prominent features, enhance your market presence and create trust for your business.

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